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Fast Profit by Selling Things on eBay – Quickly Make Money Online

I am sure many of you already know about eBay. But if haven’t know, it’s good to know further about online business that can be used as an alternative or even become main income source through internet as your business online. eBay business isn’t new, but it has already made lot of changes to the human life all over the world. To me, it’s a great market place to make money online without website building.  To run an eBay business is easy, you only need to register as a user to sell or buy goods within eBay site.

A bit history about eBay

EBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb, part of the site including a personal, writing Omidyar donated to the Ebola virus. Initially this site is owned by Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar consulting firm. Omidyar had tried to register a domain name but that name is owned by another person, so he cut short name eBay is based in San Jose, California, Meg Whitman has become president and CEO of eBay since March of 1998.

What can be sold on eBay?

I have done some transactions on eBay Singapore, transaction of purchase or sell goods which quite satisfactory results. I bought a set of dining table through the eBay auction a year ago and now the condition is still very good. At the same time, I have also sold Canon Selphy Photo Printer CP760 in very competitive price. In general, many goods and services that can be sold through eBay, in some categories such as Antiques, Art, Books, Business and Industrial, Cameras and Photo, Cars, Boats, Vehicles & Parts, Mobile Phones and PDAs, Clothing and Accessories, Computers & Networking , Furniture, Toys, Home Appliance, and more. In fact, a source said that the aircraft can be sold through eBay. Goods sold on eBay items are new or second-hand [not junk]. If you have goods that are not used and still in good condition, you do not dispose them of, but you can turn into money by selling them in eBay. How do I make payments on eBay?

EBay recommended payment using PayPal, because it is safe for buyers and sellers, is suitable for auction payments, account PayPal holder will be verified by PayPal so the likelihood of fraud decreases. However, there are ways for sellers to receive payments, such as eGold, money booker, western union, checks, bank transfers, and cash. Charges can be charged to the buyer with the terms and conditions and the agreement of both parties that apply for both domestic and international.

Unlike the other online business, eBay does not require business-specific skills that involve sites that require special maintenance, or if you are running a business blog where you have to play SEO or search engine optimization to build traffic, perform routine updates, such as writing articles and blog walking. On eBay you only need to have any goods or services are sold auction as the largest online market in the world.

Essential Template Design for Website or Blog

Template for a blog or website is as important as clothes for human. As its importance, clothes made as part of the human life. Indeed the brain is everything but the human will reveal more personality with the clothes they wear. Are you agree with me?  Now, what is relationship with the blog itself? As has repeatedly been said that the content is a King, still have to be supported by the appropriate template to look more professional. Even though it is about 134 posts in this blog, but still looking for the suitable template possible to satisfy blog owner.

I will spend more time when visiting a blog that has a special and customized interesting blog design. Sometimes I ignore the content and dazzled with the lay out or design a template that is used. Interesting design indeed is very easy for people to always remember that with the blog and it will be better if supported by useful the content presented for many people. Blog design is also one of the traffic generators.

I can say that the first impression of blog or website is good template or page lay out, whether the visitor came from friend recommendation, SEO, social community or get paid attention from the forum. Probably you use Ferrari car for template background, fresh cached Norwegian Salmon, beautiful Merlion at Sentosa Island. In general, blog will be attractive when there is an interesting mixture of content and design on it.

Monetize blog, choosing template design must be seriously consider.  Sometime, internet surfer is not only searching information but also feel comfortable when visiting the blog. Several blog makers that I used to use for my blog are our blogger template,  btemplate, eblogtemplate, and many moreIf you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future, please subscribe via RSS or follow me on my twitter?