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Girard Tankless Water Heater install

One aspect of RVing that some people  just never get used to is the amount of  hot water that you have for taking  showers washing dishes and so on most  RVs have a six gallon hot water tank and  a lot have ten gallons some have twelve  gallon but no matter what you have  you’re going to run out eventually  so you know what you know most of the  people who like take long showers well  especially if your wife has really long  thick hair six gallon just doesn’t  stretch very much does it go very far so  an alternative to having limitations in  the hot water is to go with a demand  tankless water heater and that’s just  like this one right here which is made  by gerard now these have been out for  quite a few years.

Now  the gerard is relatively new to the  market this is designed to retrofit to  almost any hot water tank that’s design  yeah so essentially if you as long as  you have propane and water pressure  you’re going to have hot water right and  probably what’s going to happen is if  you’re not hooked up you’re going to run  out of water first if you are hooked up  hey you just stand into the shower from  now until you get sick of being under  the shower so bill let’s go and stall us  okay don’t want to do it okay bill I  guess the first part of this install is  to get this puppy out the old one out  well get this one out so you turn the  gas off I did waters off turn the water  off  who gets to drain the idea because I’m  closer really so means your feet are  gonna get wet no yours are because I’m  running fast okay go for it okay.

We’re  gonna do we’re gonna drain the water out  of this thing first then we’re gonna  release the gas line and then we’re just  gonna just take the screws out in and  get this just guy ready for remover  alright ok so looks like here ok get it  but just I thought you someone in your  open a pressure relief out for me and I  thought you turn the pump off  nice work Billy Joe to you we’re gonna  get wet oh we’re gonna release the  pressure release of the valve here so  yeah as you can see it really won’t even  come out of there very well until you  open air pressure release valve so your  feet getting wet yeah  wouldn’t be the first time well it’s  gonna take a few minutes before we get  started to be moving the rest of it it  won’t take long I see let’s see how good  you are do you think you can release the  gas line while the water’s coming out I  think you know what I might be able yeah  without getting wet I should have bought  my waders this job is actually suitable  for do-it-yourselfers but you know it’s  good to have a pretty good command of  how these things do these the hot water  tanks work and you have to take.

You know  to take it slow methodically read the  directions will 6 gallons on the ground  yeah we got more that came from  all right listen okay I’m going to take  out the 24 screws hold missing in Oh  boy thank God for cordless drills our no  kid are doing this by hand I think I’d  have carpal tunnel before the day is  over take the door off of this thing  here  did I get them all oh it looks like it  all right let’s know now the fun part  fun part getting this thing to come  loose  good old putty tape and silicone rubber  man they put this thing in with a  vengeance well it’s designed to stay  there for a while I guess it has to does  another do I do that side I can do this  on set the suit down  just about ready to come out just about  okay we got it loose okay now we’ll just  have to go inside and it’s connected  actually why don’t we pull it it let’s  see can we get to the wires first no we  can let’s do that it’d be nice yeah okay.

Let your listener get a color coded here  in white – white or Lulu yep I think  we’re okay I think we are when you do  this make sure you turn to switch to the  water here off because it is hot so  you’ll have a hot a negative if you  don’t turn it off until the short blow  the fuse I think we hope one other to  the relay here that we have two no ice  with the water here so water yeah that’s  that yellow relay whatever your choice  okay so okay we got to go bu we’re done  here now we have to go inside pull the  lines off the back and pull the gas line  loose and it’ll come out of there ma’am  fortunately there’s a Lewbert access  panel right here in the back of this  really makes it easy to get to the back  of the water here – but some of these  things can really be buried make it  miserable to get them out so it looks  like we have a gas-electric model here  the gas line is already loose I’m gonna  get a hold of these water lines get them  loose  there’s always got to be one stubborn  one that’s the rules so we do have an  electric line here I’m gonna get it  loose if I can get that to stay out of  my way  now we’re not gonna reuse this electric  line because the instantaneous is gas  only.

So before I’m done after I pull this up  before we finish up I want to tape these  up really well make sure they don’t ever  have any chance of getting shorted out  okay gasps I’m loose water lines loose  Bob go ahead and pull it out we’re free  okay well we’re not free but we’re cheap  okay we’re out when I let the big hole  in there yep big hole okay so we’re  going to clean up the rest of this thing  and then once we get this cleaned up and  we’re going to have to go into a  structure and what it is is that this  this opening here is larger than the  size of the of the demand tankless water  heater that we’re going to put in here  and so therefore we’re going to have to  build a frame and really all that  amounts to is putting in a vertical  piece of wood right here so we’ll have  something to attach the new flange to in  it really tells you that in instructions  where to cut it and you know from what  edge and so it’s really not it’s not  that difficult.

So what we’re going to do  is we’re going to go use a couple of  angle brackets and some screws and and a  piece of lumber and we’re gonna get to  put together in a relatively quick  fashion here you got this thing cleaned  up yeah okay yep finally all right let’s  what do you think look okay you well  looks really good okay so what we want  to do is we want to go 12 and 3/4 inches  from from this edge here to this so  right about where it bills at now so  he’s going to measure this distance  first so we know how much to cut we want  12 12 and 7/8 filmer senator so we’re  going to cut this piece of lumber here  12 and 7/8 mat age Lexi looks somewhat  score yeah that’s pretty close so you  want to hold it over there clear why not  12-12-12 and 7/8 let me use this as a  straightedge so one of these days bill  we’re gonna buy a straightedge so  instead of having to use you know pieces  of our are the parts to make lines okay.

We got our slided wood here we go  perfect perfect hold that down though  just a little bit  let’s see if this thing is gonna fit  bill  perfect fit perfect fit okay okay hold  it there hold on let me get let me  measure the 12 and 3/4 like they’re  calling Horry in the directions so  you’re moving off let’s see 12 and 3/4  where is it right about there  I’ll just put a mark here good you’re  not gonna see that once it goes back  together so all we need to do is put  these at the 12 and 3/4 mark here will  so we’ll nail it it will peel it down  probably right in the middle yeah we’ll  have to do that we’ll have to measure so  we may have to move to move it over a  little bit the wood itself will be over  a little bit that’s okay no I mean I’ve  gotten even of leeway so I’m gonna go  ahead and just nail that right there  okay yeah that’s perfect  no this will work great  okay and it’s yeah it’s way solid if you  could hold this one in place I’ll see if  I get these started in the middle.

I’m  gonna see I can can’t see it right here  so I actually I’ve been thinking you got  it pretty good okay  let me no bullshit right straight yeah  looks good okay  okay good okay let me get in here okay  all right now we’re good shape here  perfect  you got that yeah I do I just have to  get my head around the corner okay looks  like we have a frame and it’s solid –  yeah I know I love it  let’s see so we we’re going to utilize  the hot wire and a negative wire that  are from the existing water now if you  don’t have a direct spark ignition model  you’re not going to have 12 volts here  so you’re going to have to get it  somewhere and plumb it in what’s going  to happen here is that you have a switch  in the tank in the the system itself and  so which could which is supposed to come  outside turn on off now you can turn on  leave it leave it on for the season it  doesn’t draw that much but just leave it  on hook it up into the same switch that  operated the previous hot water tank and  then you can turn on and off right from  the panel that’s on the wall.

How to fix your wc cistern if it is running water into the pan after the flush has finished.

Fire one salia now plumbing for building you can put me in running and if this has happened you might wonder what you’re gonna do about it as you can see the flush is stuck is running so what’s happened here that we write a panel but it is just jams keeping going it’s not stopping is happening to you there is her way around it thankfully.

I’ll put a seat down and show you what’s happening in the cistern if you take the lid off okay now if you look down in there you can see it’s cleaning the whole time to see the valve running that’s running we win there now what happens is that the pressure so great coming from about so it’s filling before the thing to get an air gap will finish flushing.

So we’ve got to do here if you get this problem is you’re gonna have to slow the pressure into your down because the valve is flowing in faster than the things in flush out you can see there this is going down and come in at the same rate so until up like that pressure it won’t stop so Jerry thing I can do these one or two things of a buddhist armor and that will definitely stop it for now but the other thing.

You can do probably happy with a lot to you okay it used to fit one of these valves and I’ll just pull that out the way that out of the way on your supply there is a problem fix and then you can turn the valve down and slug the pressure going into that system because that’s what’s happening here we’ve got too much pressure going in there.

So I’ll pull the valve up this will stop it you’ll need the air gap go in okay and you can hear now that would stop because now the wall was actually got down to the level required for the air to enter and stop it flushing now if I let go of the valve fill again normally and you’re fine well it stops running into the pan but it’s then up now and you can see it’s just the last drinks just going in from the flush.

So that’s what happened to me a little while ago yeah but it’s quite a new system as well I’ll be waiting for it to happen again actually it sounds up mad but just so I could show you the answer and as I say the only answer the real answer is you can’t turn the pressure down on your main stop cock but it will turn all the pressure down in your house or the main one to do is he either get them out of fitting on there.

If you’ve got one already that’s fine you can obviously just crack it down yourself now but if you haven’t I’d suggest getting a board fix valve on the feed your toy. We have got a best blog for toilet updates, news and information. Stay tuned.

Best Water Heaters

How to take care of Water heater problems without a plumber’s help Water heaters have become one of the most important accessories in every home; without them we wouldn’t be able to take a hot shower or wash our clothes in hot water.

Water heaters need repair when the heater fails to produce enough hot water or when the heater cannot produce sufficient heat.  Sometimes, water heater repairis needed when noise, leakages or short circuits occur.

Repairing a tankless water heater: Tankless water heater repaircan be done easily and less expensive then hiring a certified plumber.  The first things to do are:First turn off the powerOpen the faucet and drain the heaterRemove the wires and old elementReplace the wires and turn on the supplyDry the control board and heat the water The above repair should solve just about any issue you encounter.

These are very simple devices and relatively easy to fix.  If your tankless water heater happens to be powered by gas or propane, you’ll also want to make sure there are no leaks going to the unit.  You should check for leaks by using a gas sniffer.  You can purchase these from your local hardware store or rent them from a rental company.

They’re relatively inexpensive and will help you zero in on the defective part. The tankless heater repair can be easily done without the help of others. Water heater leaking from the bottom: When there is a water heater leaking from bottom, the following methods are to be followedFirst make sure that the inner tank isn’t leaking.  This can be done with a visual inspection checking for leaks around the piping.

Next, you’ll want to check the water temperature.  Is it getting hot?If the water is not getting heated, then the leakage is at the inner tank or is resulting from the water heater leaking from bottom.There is a valve which is used to clean the heater. If there is a block, damage or not properly closed, then it can be considered as a water heater leaking from bottom.

The valve should be cleaned properly and reinstated.After you’ve checked the above and the heater still leaks, you may have to replace it with a new one. In most cases, the water heater leaking from bottom can be identified and repaired easily without the plumber’s help. Leaking from top:

While there is any leak at the top of the heater, you can follow these simple instructions to make the repair.At the top of the heater, there are 3 connections. Among them, there is an inlet for the intake of cold water, which also has the valves.

That should be checked.Sometimes there will be a loose fitting,There may be a hole in the valve, which should be corrected only by a plumberThe pressure inside the heater should be adjusted The water heater leaking from top can be quickly stopped by closing the cold water inlet valve. Some guides to repair: The water heater can get malfunctioning at any time.

Some informational guides to water heater repair without the plumber are,First check whether the water heater is on or not. Better move the knob to off condition to prevent any damage, when we look inside.

Check whether the circuit breaker is on or not. If the fuse has broken down, then it can be changed with a new fuse.If the circuit breaker continuously gives problem, then call a good plumber.The circuit of the water heater should not be shared by other electric and electronic equipments. Because it consumes more power when heating the water.

Then check whether the cutoff temperature of the heater is high or not. If you are having any doubt in this, better reset the button.If you didn’t hear any click sound or any power supply, you have to make a call to the plumber nearby.If there is any water remains in the compartment means, it causes malfunction in the water heater.The water heater leaking from top or the water heater leaking from bottom means, there is a need for check in there.

Please stick to the errands mentioned above.We have to read the water heater manual clearly and then go to purchase the equipments, which are in need.Even now the water heater repair do not work fine, there may be a problem with the heating elements.

The problem cannot be solved by us and you have to go for a plumber’s help.Some of the water heater repair parts are

1. Anode rod

2. Heater element

3. Temperature relief

4. Pressure relief

5. Installation kit and

6. Electric Thermostat To maintain the water heater well:

Some tips for the proper maintenance of the water heater areRemove the papers and the dust that are accumulated in the enclosure of the heater.Before the inflammable things used, you have to off the pivot light.Never take the combustibles nearer to the water heater.

You have to check the condition of the water heater, at least twice a year.If the usual checkups are not done, then the pressure relieving valve may explode.The place of the pressure valve may vary from heater to heater. To know it, you have to check the manual guide.

The electricity passed should be shut, when it is not used.When you don’t use the water heater, stop the supply of cold water to the water heater.You have to place any buckets under the heater’s pressure relieving place, in order to get the water.Move the valve of the trip lever to identify whether any air is rushing inside or not.

The vapor existing can also be identified by this.Turn off the cold water pipe before going to get hot water or open its handle. If you maintain these steps, then the water heater works for a long time. Why it is important? The importance should be given to these regular checkups and water heater repair methods, since they are used regularly and mostly daily.

If the water heater starts to give problem, the problem will disturb your whole day happenings. If you are not willing to repair your heater by yourself, find the best available plumber and get him to know your heater’s problem. Some water heaters are so reliable and work for decades, due to its simple task and good design.

But when the trouble starts, the heater will give you inadequate hot water supply. The color of the water changes due to the rust present inside and also the rotten smell will come. Sometimes, a popping sound will rise and the heater fails.

You should have some plumber’s phone numbers at your home, to deal the problem quickly and at the reasonable cost. If the water heater gets repair more often, then it is good to install a new one. After the water heater repair, get some advices to retain it safe and working nicely. BEWARE of the water heater processes and try to repair them all by yourself.

Fast Profit by Selling Things on eBay – Quickly Make Money Online

I am sure many of you already know about eBay. But if haven’t know, it’s good to know further about online business that can be used as an alternative or even become main income source through internet as your business online. eBay business isn’t new, but it has already made lot of changes to the human life all over the world. To me, it’s a great market place to make money online without website building.  To run an eBay business is easy, you only need to register as a user to sell or buy goods within eBay site.

A bit history about eBay

EBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb, part of the site including a personal, writing Omidyar donated to the Ebola virus. Initially this site is owned by Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar consulting firm. Omidyar had tried to register a domain name but that name is owned by another person, so he cut short name eBay is based in San Jose, California, Meg Whitman has become president and CEO of eBay since March of 1998.

What can be sold on eBay?

I have done some transactions on eBay Singapore, transaction of purchase or sell goods which quite satisfactory results. I bought a set of dining table through the eBay auction a year ago and now the condition is still very good. At the same time, I have also sold Canon Selphy Photo Printer CP760 in very competitive price. In general, many goods and services that can be sold through eBay, in some categories such as Antiques, Art, Books, Business and Industrial, Cameras and Photo, Cars, Boats, Vehicles & Parts, Mobile Phones and PDAs, Clothing and Accessories, Computers & Networking , Furniture, Toys, Home Appliance, and more. In fact, a source said that the aircraft can be sold through eBay. Goods sold on eBay items are new or second-hand [not junk]. If you have goods that are not used and still in good condition, you do not dispose them of, but you can turn into money by selling them in eBay. How do I make payments on eBay?

EBay recommended payment using PayPal, because it is safe for buyers and sellers, is suitable for auction payments, account PayPal holder will be verified by PayPal so the likelihood of fraud decreases. However, there are ways for sellers to receive payments, such as eGold, money booker, western union, checks, bank transfers, and cash. Charges can be charged to the buyer with the terms and conditions and the agreement of both parties that apply for both domestic and international.

Unlike the other online business, eBay does not require business-specific skills that involve sites that require special maintenance, or if you are running a business blog where you have to play SEO or search engine optimization to build traffic, perform routine updates, such as writing articles and blog walking. On eBay you only need to have any goods or services are sold auction as the largest online market in the world.

Essential Template Design for Website or Blog

Template for a blog or website is as important as clothes for human. As its importance, clothes made as part of the human life. Indeed the brain is everything but the human will reveal more personality with the clothes they wear. Are you agree with me?  Now, what is relationship with the blog itself? As has repeatedly been said that the content is a King, still have to be supported by the appropriate template to look more professional. Even though it is about 134 posts in this blog, but still looking for the suitable template possible to satisfy blog owner.

I will spend more time when visiting a blog that has a special and customized interesting blog design. Sometimes I ignore the content and dazzled with the lay out or design a template that is used. Interesting design indeed is very easy for people to always remember that with the blog and it will be better if supported by useful the content presented for many people. Blog design is also one of the traffic generators.

I can say that the first impression of blog or website is good template or page lay out, whether the visitor came from friend recommendation, SEO, social community or get paid attention from the forum. Probably you use Ferrari car for template background, fresh cached Norwegian Salmon, beautiful Merlion at Sentosa Island. In general, blog will be attractive when there is an interesting mixture of content and design on it.

Monetize blog, choosing template design must be seriously consider.  Sometime, internet surfer is not only searching information but also feel comfortable when visiting the blog. Several blog makers that I used to use for my blog are our blogger template,  btemplate, eblogtemplate, and many moreIf you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future, please subscribe via RSS or follow me on my twitter?