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Essential Template Design for Website or Blog

Template for a blog or website is as important as clothes for human. As its importance, clothes made as part of the human life. Indeed the brain is everything but the human will reveal more personality with the clothes they wear. Are you agree with me?  Now, what is relationship with the blog itself? As has repeatedly been said that the content is a King, still have to be supported by the appropriate template to look more professional. Even though it is about 134 posts in this blog, but still looking for the suitable template possible to satisfy blog owner.

I will spend more time when visiting a blog that has a special and customized interesting blog design. Sometimes I ignore the content and dazzled with the lay out or design a template that is used. Interesting design indeed is very easy for people to always remember that with the blog and it will be better if supported by useful the content presented for many people. Blog design is also one of the traffic generators.

I can say that the first impression of blog or website is good template or page lay out, whether the visitor came from friend recommendation, SEO, social community or get paid attention from the forum. Probably you use Ferrari car for template background, fresh cached Norwegian Salmon, beautiful Merlion at Sentosa Island. In general, blog will be attractive when there is an interesting mixture of content and design on it.

Monetize blog, choosing template design must be seriously consider.  Sometime, internet surfer is not only searching information but also feel comfortable when visiting the blog. Several blog makers that I used to use for my blog are our blogger template,  btemplate, eblogtemplate, and many moreIf you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future, please subscribe via RSS or follow me on my twitter?

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