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How to fix your wc cistern if it is running water into the pan after the flush has finished.

Fire one salia now plumbing for building you can put me in running and if this has happened you might wonder what you’re gonna do about it as you can see the flush is stuck is running so what’s happened here that we write a panel but it is just jams keeping going it’s not stopping is happening to you there is her way around it thankfully.

I’ll put a seat down and show you what’s happening in the cistern if you take the lid off okay now if you look down in there you can see it’s cleaning the whole time to see the valve running that’s running we win there now what happens is that the pressure so great coming from about so it’s filling before the thing to get an air gap will finish flushing.

So we’ve got to do here if you get this problem is you’re gonna have to slow the pressure into your down because the valve is flowing in faster than the things in flush out you can see there this is going down and come in at the same rate so until up like that pressure it won’t stop so Jerry thing I can do these one or two things of a buddhist armor and that will definitely stop it for now but the other thing.

You can do probably happy with a lot to you okay it used to fit one of these valves and I’ll just pull that out the way that out of the way on your supply there is a problem fix and then you can turn the valve down and slug the pressure going into that system because that’s what’s happening here we’ve got too much pressure going in there.

So I’ll pull the valve up this will stop it you’ll need the air gap go in okay and you can hear now that would stop because now the wall was actually got down to the level required for the air to enter and stop it flushing now if I let go of the valve fill again normally and you’re fine well it stops running into the pan but it’s then up now and you can see it’s just the last drinks just going in from the flush.

So that’s what happened to me a little while ago yeah but it’s quite a new system as well I’ll be waiting for it to happen again actually it sounds up mad but just so I could show you the answer and as I say the only answer the real answer is you can’t turn the pressure down on your main stop cock but it will turn all the pressure down in your house or the main one to do is he either get them out of fitting on there.

If you’ve got one already that’s fine you can obviously just crack it down yourself now but if you haven’t I’d suggest getting a board fix valve on the feed your toy. We have got a best blog for toilet updates, news and information. Stay tuned.

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